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We believe digital success isn’t determined by your budget. By thinking smarter, we’ve helped businesses to go further and challenge the established order. At the centre of this is knowing your customers…
Know Your Audience
We build a detailed, highly accurate view of who your customers are across 500+ profile characteristics. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of your customers habits, behaviours, financial status and more.
Segment and Target
We then segment your audience into target groupings and feed the detailed profiles of each segment directly into the media bidding tactics. This level of targeting is not possible to do working natively in Facebook, programmatic or any other digital channel. This limits wastage and increases effectiveness of the media we’re buying.
Engage & Convert
By defining and targeting individual segments we can target customers with personalised ads and messages right through the buying journey. This feeds into our work on conversion rate optimisation to create a personal and consistent message.

Thank F*sed7 it’s Friday: The Economics of Marketing

April 27, 2018

Psychology plays such an important role in marketing that sometimes economics can be overlooked. However, economics also…
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