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Fused7 Win Industry eCommerce Award for Excellence

October 2, 2015


Fused7 Ecommerce Awards Winner

Ecommerce Awards

We are proud to announce that Fused7 has won an eCommerce Award for Excellence 2015. This prestigious award – in the brand new category of Best Banking, Insurance & Financial Services eCommerce – recognises the success of our on-going work with AIG Direct Car Excess (DCE).

Recipients of an eCommerce Award for Excellence are subject to a rigorous application and judging. This process seeks to identify and celebrate companies who draw upon areas such as customer experience, security measures, social media and ROI to deliver ground-breaking multi-channel campaigns, an optimised marketing spend and impressive results.

The awards ceremony took place in London on Wednesday night and was attended by key industry players including members of the Fused7 team and AIG. Receiving the award Director Nick Wild said:

“The financial services market is one of the most competitive areas in the digital arena. Working closely with AIG we have brought together an innovative multi-attribution approach across PPC, SEO and Programmatic focusing on a mix of education, awareness and direct response. We love fighting for the underdog in competitive markets and we’re so proud we’ve managed to help grow Direct Car Excess to be the digital market leader. We are delighted to have received recognition from the e-Commence Awards for this.”

We think that the results of the DCE campaign speak for themselves. Since its launch in February 2013, the business has achieved unprecedented growth; part of our strategy throughout this campaign has been to identify and target emerging keywords in the market. Our SEO target keywords have seen a growth of 23% in search volume over the last year and hold position #1 organic ranking for six of ten leading keywords.

This campaign has taken the DCE product from new kid on the block to major digital player. A previous lack of product awareness has been swept to one side and replaced with a growing market and consumer friendly experience. This impressed visitors as much as it has the judges of the eCommerce Awards for Excellence.

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