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Google Buy Buttons Will Be Coming To Search Results

June 22, 2015

In May 2015, rumours began to spread and were eventually confirmed by Google Chief Business Officer, Omid Kordestani by him saying, “There is going to be a buy button soon. It’s imminent.” Buy Buttons will be used alongside paid for advertisements so mobile users that search for a particular product will soon see these buttons at the top of their search pages. Giants like Amazon and Ebay cashed in on the mobile shopping craze by offering everything in one place so a bid like this has been a long time coming for Google. It’s now much more convenient to shop on smartphones and the more choice, the better. But, what does this mean for Google?

Can they compete?

The likes of Amazon are well practiced at offering consumers a smooth shopping experience on their devices and it shows in their provider-consumer relationships. They know what they’re doing when it comes to attracting customers, getting them to buy and getting them to return but how does Google plan to do the same? When users click on a buy button they will automatically be directed to a Google buying page where they can choose their product specifications and then checkout. Google will give users the option of saving card details and contact details for future purchases but will they be able to compete with already established marketplaces.

Google’s future

The company is aiming towards becoming an online marketplace but there are so many questions left as to how they will achieve it. Many consumers will find it highly convenient because they’ll be able to buy something as soon as they’ve found it instead of having to search elsewhere which means Google will be able to keep buyers instead of losing them to other platforms. However, instead of charging retailers part of the sales price as so many others do, Google plans to continue charging through advertising so retailers will have to weigh up whether they’re getting value for their money.

The biggest question remains, ‘How will Google create a post purchase relationship with their consumers?’ This is something the company will have to answer before the buy button scheme goes ahead. If their policies aren’t going to be the same as companies like Amazon, it will take consumers some time to get used to. Could they risk losing out on a huge slice of the mobile pie? Or will we all be using Google buy buttons sooner than we think? Potentially, the idea has much to offer everyone that is a Google user by saving time and effort while shopping and searching.


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