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Google Makes Changes To How Quality Content Is Assessed

June 11, 2015


Many of us work tirelessly to make sure that our content is of a high enough quality to rank in Google searches but when the rules constantly change, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the game. In May 2015, Google updated the way it assesses quality so many may have noticed a change in their rankings. Google has a long history of not giving any warning when it comes to updates and even failing to admit there has been an update when people notice a difference. This time was no different and the powers that be at Google took their time to own up to the fact a ranking algorithm update had occurred. So, now we know that something has changed, what can we expect?

Like many times before, Google hasn’t given any specifics as to what has changed and why. According to them the update has been for the purpose of preserving quality and nothing else. So, if you’re someone who has been affected by the change and you’ve found that your site is ranking lower, you may be wondering how to improve your ranking. Unfortunately, because of the little information there is from Google, business owners may find it challenging to fix the problem.

What can I do to help my rankings?

It’s important to always keep abreast of what Google is doing, even if they won’t admit it themselves. The majority of the time website owners will notice a change and eventually Google will have to own up to it. It’s also worth remembering that Google doesn’t always get it right; sometimes they need a nudge in the right direction and that can be done by business owners keeping themselves informed of what current and future changes to algorithms mean for them.

SEO can be a complicated part of business and when Google continually change what ‘quality’ means to rankings it’s difficult to stay visible. However, because of this, one thing will always remain certain. Businesses need to constantly refresh their message and strive to produce content that will attract the right people. Stay on top of what your visitors want and how your particular industry is evolving and you’ll be able to present the content that’s needed to keep you ranked. When all else fails an SEO specialist can help you to understand what’s needed to reach your desired rankings. This could include planning, strategy and keyword research so business owners don’t have to wrack their brains alone!

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