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Google Needs Help With SEO. Wait. What?

July 31, 2015

Google Are Hiring

Google set tongues wagging last week with a job posting that highlighted the search engine giant’s somewhat surprising need for an experienced SEO to help them drive organic traffic to their web properties, specifically to the Google Cloud Platform marketing pages. Amazon has probably enjoyed the best results in this market and Google isn’t about to take it lying down.

The reaction to the job posting on Twitter was, as you might expect, comical, with one user suggesting that, despite the fairly long list of desirable skills and qualifications, the main requirement of the role was the ability to walk into an adjacent office and request that a site be moved to page one, please. On the flip side, another Twitter user suggested that the posting was a PR exercise to bolster the company’s claim that they don’t manipulate the SERPS for their own benefit.

Whether or not Google really does indulge in a little tweak here and there on their own sites will probably remain under wraps, but the real issue here seems to be that Google, the widely-acknowledged search specialist, still needs help when it comes to optimising sites for other search engines, particularly when it comes to finding success in the lucrative cloud computing market. Search engine optimisation is not something that any company can afford to ignore. If Google wants results, they must acknowledge the competition.

On the face of it, Google’s global domination doesn’t seem to be in too much trouble, but other companies certainly aren’t taking it easy. Big players like Bing and Yahoo are always going to be nipping at the ankles of Google, but smaller search companies such as Duck Duck Go shouldn’t be discounted either, particularly as these newcomers are rapidly gaining favour as a result of their willingness to protect user’s privacy and collect less personal and search data.

Officials at Google declined to pass comment on the job opening, explaining that they didn’t discuss the company’s recruiting processes. Either way, the new role is testament to the fact that even the biggest companies in the world can’t deny the decisive role that SEO plays in a larger online marketing strategy. And a pair of fresh eyes – along with a generous helping of technical tricks and techniques — never hurt anyone.

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