Social Media Marketing

We build bespoke data-focused social advertising strategies aimed at achieving direct response targets for our clients.







Social Powered by Experian Insights
Experian’s unrivalled customer audience insights allow us to pin point the best targeting strategy for our client’s social campaigns. We can build highly targeted ROI campaigns that have increased conversion propensity by 250%.
Access to Features
This allows us to deliver market leading strategies that utilise advanced features, some of which are not available natively through social platforms:
ROI Focused Budget
We can remove budget wastage by adding exclusion rules to individuals that aren’t likely to convert. For example we can identify those with CCJs or poor credit rating and ensure we don’t waste budget by targeting them.
Custom Audiences & Tailored Audiences
Experian’s unrivalled audience insights allows us to build precise target audience segments. We take in your customer data and build detailed look-a-like segments focused around Experian’s 500 data points.
Dynamic Product Ads
One of the benefits of the new technology available is that actions and inventory can be automated for maximum performance. Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) is extremely effective in e-commerce, travel verticals but can be applied to many other businesses.
Mobile and Tablet
If you’re talking about a mobile or tablet strategy then you’re talking about a social strategy. +700 million customers only login from mobile devices – that’s nearly half of all their users.
We can use your product feeds to target users based on their browsing habits on your site. We can show this as a product ad in Facebook.
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