Paid Search
PPC is an increasingly saturated channel. Best practice PPC alone is no longer enough to lead. We use best in class insight tools to find the inches others miss.
Technology Driven PPC
Best In Class Bid Optimisation
Working with Marin, the market leading optimisation tool, helps us build strategies that that take our clients further.
Marin gives us the scope to deliver highly targeted, personalised bid optimisation strategies using our proprietary 3D Bidding™ method. This gives our client’s a competitive advantage by honing in on customers and segments that will convert, cutting wastage.
Detailed Competitor Insights
Blindly and religiously following “best practice” is not a recipe for success – PPC is an auction and is all about your position relative to your competitors.
Absolutely key to any PPC success is to understand what your competitors are doing and what they’re missing. We work with PPC insights tools to give us the detail in keywords, bid strategy, adcopy, landing page optimisation and more. We use this data to inform a smarter PPC strategy to help take you further. It’s not all about the size of your budget, it’s about how you use it.
Our PPC Approach
Structure & Quality Score
The way we structure your account gives us the flexibility exploit opportunities and hone in on efficient target groups. At the centre of this is Quality Score and relevance.
Bid Optimisation
Smart PPC execution is all about bid strategies. Spend budget on people who want to be your customers.
Adcopy & Extensions
Ad extensions, used correctly, can drive up to +30% increase in CTR boosting Quality Score and leading to a 15% reduction CPC. Absolutely vital these are deployed correctly.
Conversion Optimisation
Our service continues right through to conversion. We’re interested in how we can make more of your traffic convert and we provide specialists insight drive this for all our clients.
3D Bidding™
3D Bidding is all about targeting your customer groups when their ready to engage with you, with a message that will appeal to them


Our 3D Bidding combines Marin’s best in class bid optimisation tool with our bespoke account structuring so we can target Mary, in Oldham and 16:30.
Awareness and First Engagement

60% of all online sales start with a search (MineWhat). Talking to new customers for the first time is difficult. Our multi-touch analytics solution focuses our strategies on putting customers into the funnel as well as closing, delivering new customers and growth fro our clients.


To do this we work with our customers to devise bespoke multi-touch attribution strategies that allow us to focus budget efficiently on the starter keywords in order to grow overall volume.

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