PRGRMTK is Fused7’s sister programmatic solution. At PRGRMTK, we believe market leading programmatic should be for all, it should be simple and it should perform.
Simple, But Powerful
We cut through the complexity of programmatic, harnessing it’s power into a solution that’s universal, human managed and performance focused.

PRGRMTK is truly independent. Our partnerships with all the major programmatic platforms means we can put your performance at the centre of our strategy. We work with any and any number of partners simultaneously to deliver against your targets and objectives.

We have no buying commitments, no preferred partners, no minimum spends.


The Benefits
Human Optimised
We have a team of dedicated programmatic specialists who will work with you to devise and execute your programmatic strategy. They will work closely with you to deliver your targets.
Performance Focused
Our universal access allows us to select the partners that will deliver the best returns for you. Not only that is means we can work with multiple partners simultaneously to deliver scale for our clients.
We Can Help Your Business
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